The First Digital Service Pathway of Social Welfare Has Been Opened to Customers

The Health Village’s My Path services became more versatile when the first digital service pathway of social welfare was opened to the customers of child protection. The service pathway was developed based on feedback from the experts by experience, among other things. According to them, the employees are usually hard to get in contact with.

The web-based pathway built for My Path will be utilized to increase and improve communication between social welfare and its customers. Contacting through the digital service pathway is not tied to a time or place. My Path uses strong authentication, which means that contacting through it will always be secure. The first digital service pathway has been implemented in the Wellbeing services county of Päijät-Häme in Southern Finland.

The digital service pathway increases customer engagement

The digital service pathway helps customers to figure out their own situation better, offers reliable information on child protection and increases customer engagement through various exercises. Customers can send messages any time at their convenience.

It is also possible to arrange remote appointments through the pathway. Joining an appointment is easy via web browser or mobile. Remote appointments allow you to share your monitor securely when filling forms or reading through the customer’s records.

Wellbeing services county of Päijät-Häme organizes and partially also produces services for over 200,000 residents in Southern Finland. At the moment, the new digital service pathway for child protection is in use in all Päijät-Häme’s child protection teams. The development work continues and in the future, the digital service pathway will be made to focus more on the needs of an individual customer throughout customership, including community care, foster care and aftercare. 

Customer feedback on the digital service pathway:

“It makes it so easy when you can send messages on weekends and get a response the next work day. Messaging becomes easy when you know that you will receive a response and the message will be stored.

Employee feedback on the digital service pathway:

“The pathway increases customer engagement and informs customers on what will be discussed."

Digital Care Pathway in a Nutshell

A digital care pathway is a digital service developed by the Helsinki University Hospital. It offers patients information about the illnesses and serves as a communication channel with the treatment unit. The digital care pathways contain, for example, patient instructions, images and videos as well as various exercises, queries and a tool for monitoring personal health values. The service supplements traditional care and appointments. The digital care pathway can be duplicated and tailored for various patient groups.

For more information, please contact us at info[at]healthvillage.fi.