Digital Care Pathway for Coronary Artery Disease Patients Awarded

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) coronary artery disease patient's digital care pathway has won the first prize in a competition which aim was to inspire work communities to develop evidence-based practices to improve patient care outcomes, citizens' health promotion and health and social services.

The award was given by Nursing Research Foundation, which is a national, non-profit research and development organization in Finland. The award was received by Johanna Keränen and Merja Voutilainen from the Oulu University Hospital (OYS).

The digital care pathway is intended for coronary heart disease patients treated at Oulu University Hospital (OYS) in Finland.

The purpose of the digital care pathway is to improve access to services and to provide the patient with coaching and self-care instructions for the disease treatment. It provides the patient information on coronary heart disease, risk factors for the disease, evidence-based pharmacotherapy, heart- healthy diet and exercise.

Patients monitor their blood pressure and pulse, and the information is stored in the care pathway diary. The patient can message a professional regarding coronary artery disease via the path message channel.

Digital Care Pathway in a Nutshell

A digital care pathway is a digital service originally developed by the Helsinki University Hospital, and nowadays co-developed by all the five University Hospitals in Finland. A digital care pathway offers patients information about their illnesses and serves as a communication channel with the treatment unit. The digital care pathways contain, for example, patient instructions, images and videos as well as various exercises, queries and a tool for monitoring personal health values. The service supplements traditional care and appointments. The digital care pathway can be duplicated and tailored for various patient groups.

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