About Us

Digital Health Village® (Health Village) is a comprehensive digital service platform for healthcare developed together with patients, healthcare professionals, IT- specialist and patient organizations.

Health Village delivers public health services for general public, digital care pathways for patients with specific diagnoses and digital tools for professionals.

It offers a complete concept for fast and extensive digitization of operations. The service is globally scalable and can be tailored to the needs of patients and professionals in accordance with local care practices.

Health Village benefits for healthcare organizations:

  • includes a scalable and engaging digital service platform and an eHealth Development Program,
  • supports an operational change in the health sector instead of just digitalizing old services or providing new services within the old service framework,
  • easy way to provide and build digital services,
  • possible to gather data and connect with management and research systems,
  • the Health Village concept allows for the fast digitalization of tested, ready-made concept services. The concept is scalable for different patient segments,
  • the Health Village concept can be taken into use by any healthcare organization.