Neuropsychological online rehabilitation improves service availability and generates savings

Online rehabilitation will save the society nearly €1 million by 2026 and saves almost an entire working day's worth of time for professionals compared to a traditional treatment period, according to calculations based on a model jointly produced by HUS and KPMG.

Health Village service benefits estimated at hundreds of millions of euros

The financial effectiveness of the services of has been evaluated experts in health economics. The value is substantial, up to € 563 million.  

The impact assessment of Health Village’s digital care pathways indicates: the greatest cost benefit is generated by scalability

Benefit calculations produced in collaboration between the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) and KPMG indicate the potential of financial effectiveness of digital care pathways. 

Impact assessment of digital services helps allocate resources efficiently

Due to limited resources in the healthcare sector, healthcare services are expected to be clearly effective. For example, Health Village’s services can help reduce the time a doctor spends per patient.

The self-care program supports long-term weight management

Healthy Weight Hub’s self-care program is based on the idea that the best way to maintain a healthy weight is to find long-lasting habits that fit into your daily life.

Customers are equal co-creators in the Rehabilitation Hub

Patients and customers are actively taking part in the development of the Rehabilitation Hub. Experts in all five Finnish university hospitals and many patient organizations are developing the Rehabilitation Hub together. 

New digital care pathway helps discontinue post-operative pain medication gradually

Sometimes post-operative pain is prolonged and the patient needs strong painkillers after discharge. In the digital care pathway for post-operative pain management, medication is monitored and discontinued under the supervision of a professional.

Online Therapy for Insomnia at Helsinki University Hospital Proven to Be an Effective Treatment

Online therapy is an effective treatment for insomnia, according to a recent study by HUS Helsinki University Hospital and the University of Helsinki.

Wound Navigator Helps Physicians and Nurses Examine Wound Patients

The Health Village PRO service includes Wound Navigator, which is specifically designed for helping primary health care professionals diagnose wound patients.

Digital Care Pathways Respond to the Patient’s Thirst for Information

When it comes to your own wellbeing or your baby’s, who just cried for the first time after birth, the need for information is massive.

Digital Care Pathway for Coronary Artery Disease Patients Awarded

Oulu University Hospital (OYS) Coronary Artery Disease Patient's Digital Care Pathway has won the first prize in a competition which aim was to inspire work communities to develop evidence-based practices.

The First Digital Service Pathway of Social Welfare Has Been Opened to Customers

The Health Village’s My Path services became more versatile when the first digital service pathway of social welfare was opened to the customers of child protection. 

Health Village is proud to be included as one of the Finnish future hospitals

In order to display cutting-edge Finnish solutions related to future hospitals, Business Finland has collected an extensive brochure highlighting the Finnish strengths. 

Digital care pathway supports the parents of children with behavioural problems

Digital care pathway called Netti-Oppi Parenting Skills Programme provides an opportunity for the parents to receive low threshold support at an early stage.

Finnish healthcare provider stemming the spread of COVID-19 with data and cloud technology

Finland’s largest healthcare provider, HUS, has created an end-to-end test, track, and trace system that is helping to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Health Village at HIMSS & Health 2.0 Sep 7-11

HIMSS & Health 2.0 Digital Europe will highlight valuable insights from over 180 healthcare leaders and reveal how best practices are evolving in 2020.

Health Village’s Coronabot Now Also Available in English

The Coronabot is a questionnaire that gives guidance and instructions in questions related to being exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Health Village’s Coronabot Helps to Estimate the Likelihood of a Coronavirus Infection

Health Village’s Coronabot was released on March 13 and within a few hours it had already had tens of thousands of users.

Digital Care Pathway for Gastric Bypass Patients Benefits the Patients and Brings Significant Savings to Society

The digital care pathway for gastric bypass surgery has been in place for just over a year at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS).