DiaMyn® is a unique and reliable eHealth solution for home dialysis. It is an example of a service that has been built on Digital Health Village’s IT solution.

DiaMyn modernizes treatment processes and generates great benefits for both patient and professional. With DiaMyn’s operational change, effectiveness increases and costs decrease remarkably. The solution has been designed by the nephrology clinic of Helsinki University Hospital, and it has renewed the traditional treatment model.

In practice, DiaMyn digital care pathways are online services that allow patients to safely take more responsibility of their dialysis treatment, prioritizing home first concept. Professionals' routines are reduced as all the important material for them and patients is available for online, everywhere and anytime. DiaMyn fulfills the needs of many types of patients, and it also supports sustainable development – patients' need to travel to dialysis is eliminated.

DiaMyn consists of three digital care pathways:

  • Choosing dialysis modality 
  • Peritoneal dialysis 
  • Home hemodialysis 

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DiaMyn utilizes Health Village’s IT platform and tools. It is simultaneously about an operational change and a ready-made product with necessary dialysis materials, and it is suitable for many kinds of organizations.

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