Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

Leverage your skills and make greater impact in treatments.

Self-monitoring information provided by the patient using a digital channel supports decision-making of professionals. The combination of conventional and digital services improves care effectiveness, safety and timeliness. Data collected on eHealth services helps with monitoring care outcomes. Data analytics integrated with the services allow for the continuous development of research and treatment practices.

Be able to concentrate on essential medical work:

The entire care process is more pleasant for the patient.

  • The patient experiences that there is an opportunity to daily care. 
  • The patients are more satisfied. They are given peace of mind and feel that their voice is being heard.
  • The care is timely, independent of time and place and its quality is improved.
  • You can provide patients with guidance on better self-care. Commitment of patient to care is improved.
  • Routines are reduced. You can focus on the most essential tasks in care. 

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals Flyer pdf